Reinhard Ziegler, PhD

Creative Director

Reinhard has a background in secondary and higher education. He led the global Human Performance Design and Development practice at Accenture, LLP and served as the Office Managing Partner for Dallas. He has also enjoyed a thriving art career that spans 35 years, with gallery representation and shows in New York City, Santa Fe, San Francisco and Dallas. Reinhard has participated in short-term missions to Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and Haiti. Reinhard is also the co-founder and Treasurer of The Vessel.



Lori L. Lovelace

Executive Producer

Lori has worked with scores of global organizations to manage their strategic agendas and implement large-scale change throughout their enterprise. She worked with Accenture, LLC for 25 years culminating her career as the Global Executive Director of the Office of the CEO, Accenture. She has served in the mission field in Eastern Europe, Central America, Northern Africa, Asia and Haiti. Lori is also the co-founder and President of The Vessel.



Craig Mindrum, Ph.D.


Craig Mindrum studied at Indiana University and Yale Divinity School before receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago Divinity School. He taught as an adjunct professor in the department of Religious Studies at DePaul University for 15 years. The major portion of his career, however, has been as President of Mindrum Strategy and Communications—a strategic communications consulting company. Craig created a new version of the Peace Prayer called “The Gardener of Peace,” and the subsequent poetic reinterpretation which is featured as part of the Vessel’s Gardener of Peace Project.