Gardener of Peace:
In Pursuit of Reconciliation

“Gardener of Peace: In Pursuit of Reconciliation”, is a project of The Vessel. Using the Gardener of Peace Prayer as a focal point, we engage people in conversations about personal reconciliation experiences or about their desire to find reconciliation in their lives today. These stories and insights are accompanied by still and video portraits, which are available at and in a soon to be released book. We invite you to personally engage in this project by sharing the Peace Prayer with someone and asking them the questions on our Prayer Card.


The Vessel

The Vessel, a 5c)(3) non-profit, helps individuals pursue a spirit of reconciliation through acts of service and missions. Over the past 11 years, The Vessel has supported over 3,500 individuals who have served in over 30 countries around the world. Our desire is to see “Lives Changed. For Life” and we believe that selfless acts of service toward others, is one of the best ways to encounter and share God’s love and saving grace.

To this end, we also curate conversations and interactive experiences with the goal that these moments of authentic caring, can enrich and bring closer everyone involved. These experiences are shared on our website and in a soon to be released book.